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Bad Home Inspectors Kill Deals - Don't Be An Alarmist- Help to Educate

Home Inspections are very important for a buyer as they help the buyer understand what they're getting into with a purchase.  Good inspectors are important also, as they understand how to present information to a buyer that helps them understand the report and what they're getting into.

scared home inspection austin texas real estate"Good" can be subjective.

Bad inspectors usually aren't great with people and don't understand how to explain things to people. A Bad Inspector might put in a report something that sounds awful and might freak a buyer out, yet maybe it's a $5 part at Home Depot that can fix the problem.

Chimney: In need of Repair: Gas can backflow into the house which is a safety hazard.

A Bad Inspector leaves it as that with a buyer thinking she's buying a huge mistake because who wants gas in their house?  A Good Inspector says, "You can install a C-Clamp which leaves the damper open slightly to always allow the gas to escape. The part is $3-5 at your local hardware store."  What's a C-Clamp? It's a small object that is the shape of a C so it can hook on either side and not allow something to close. I have rubber C-Clamps on a couple of my doors at home so my 2 year old would stop slamming my doors.

This past week, I put a house on the market. Priced great! Showings immediately along with muliple offers. The seller agreed to an offer and inspections commenced. "I've never seen an inspection this thick" is what the buyer's agent kept saying. She finally sent it to me, and it's 47 pages. I've never seen an inspection that long either. I read the entire thing. For a house built in 1970, the house isn't in bad condition. Yes, there are a few issues, but was priced accordingly, and with the multiple offers, the other consumers thought it was priced accordingly too.

After reading this report, I'm thinking, this is one horrible inspector. He had many innacuracies in the report. He states the furance was disconnected and the seller was going to replace. What?? The seller told him it was shut off at the breaker and to feel free to turn everything on he needs to turn on in order to do his report.  He also stated the stove didn't work and was inoperable, however, my seller came home to the oven being on for several hours and he could have burned down the house!!

Many houses have double switches. For example, you have a ceiling fan with a light. One switch it for the light and the other switch is for the fan. This inspector stated, "Some light and fan switches have dual controls. Reasons unknown, but occasionally this is done to correct or bypass a faulty or aluminum circuit." What??  An inspector can't make an accusation like that without proof. An inspector isn't there to "assume" things. An inspector is there to state facts.

What else is inaccurate in this report? I don't know as I'm not an inspector. I do know that the buyer backed out of the contract because of the report. It's 47 pages with 121 pictures. Most reports have 10-20 pictures in them. This report has 121 pictures!!  I think that might freak me out too as a buyer!  There is a difference between a thorough inspector and one who's trying to look thorough, but actually has no clue what they're doing.

Needless to say, the house is back on the market and within an hour, already received calls about it. Showings have resumed, and we'll probably be back in a multiple offer situation by tomorrow.

If you're a buyer in the Austin Texas real estate market, please hire an inspector who is not an alarmist. Please hire someone who is willing to give you the facts about the house and also explain the information so you understand it. The length of the report doesn't bother me, but the fact that the inspector didn't thoroughly explain things to the buyer does bother me.

**For full disclosure, the information I've written in this post is the same information that I've given to agents who have been showing the property since it came back on the market yesterday. We don't plan on hiding anything about the report, but because of the inaccuracies, and the fact that it's not the seller's property to distribute, interested buyers will not be receiving a copy of said inspection report.


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Bad Home Inspectors Kill Deals - Don't Be An Alarmist- Help to Educate
Home Inspections are very important for a buyer as they help the buyer understand what they're getting into with a purchase Good inspectors are important also, as they understand how to present information to a buyer that helps them understand… more
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