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Dallas Real Estate- Best Places to Live in Dallas

Money Magazine did their usual rankings for this year and four Dallas areas made the top 100 list for the best places to live: Carrollton, Denton, Plano, and Richardson. Not to be biased, but i moved to Richardson 22 years ago and currently still reside here, so I could have told you Richardson was a great place to live!!

other rankings are:

Highest Income:
#5 Flower Mound with $104,921
#22 Allen with $92,404

Job Growth:
#2 Allen with 55%
#4 Frisco with 53%
#8 McKinney with 40.1% (mckinney had no where to go but up)
#23 Flower Mound with 31.1%

And the most important was Body Mass Index:
all cities tied with 25.4, but were still ranked in an order of
Denton #14, Flower Mound #15, & Ft Worth #16

Comment balloon 2 commentsDonna Harris • July 25 2006 11:15AM
Dallas Real Estate- Best Places to Live in Dallas
Money Magazine did their usual rankings for this year and four Dallas areas made the top 100 list for the best places to live: Carrollton, Denton, Plano, and Richardson Not to be biased, but i moved to Richardson 22 years ago and currently still… more
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