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Don't Use that Old Paint for Touch Ups!

STOP!! Don't use that paint!!

When you're getting your house ready to go on the market, and any time you need to do touch ups, don't use the paint you currently have sitting in your garage.  That paint is not going to match your walls anymore, and you're going to end up making your walls spotted, and it will be very noticable. 

touch up paint homes for sale austin txSee, the builder gives some extra paint when you buy a brand new house. What most people don't realize is that the paint in that can is really only good for about 3-4 months.  It's meant for you to use once you move in and oops, the tv scraped the wall or the bed brushed a corner going down the hall. You use the paint to touch up and make the house new again.

However, after a few months, and especially years later, the paint on the walls won't match the paint in the can because the lighting in your house will change the color on the walls, but the color in the can will remain the same, as long as you shake it up vigorously.

How do you touch up your walls with matching paint? You take a sample of the wall color to the paint store and they match it for you.  You take your sample from under a window ledge or by an outlet where someone won't notice you removed it when you touch that area up also.  The sample needs to be about the size of a quarter in order for the machines to do their analysis of the paint.

Remember, since that paint will also not match in a few months, don't get a lot of it, unless you have a lot of touch ups. Typical touch ups should be able to be covered by a small pint.  Now your house won't look like a leopard!!

**Are You Packed Yet?**

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