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24- Between 12 midnight to 1am

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This week was definitely better than last week.  Much more action.

Let's start with VP Noah making out with his personal assistant person, I can't think of her name.  I kinda thought there was something going on there, but they never actually did anything until now.  Along those lines, I can't believe VP didn't ask Lennox for the tapes so they can be destroyed.  He only asked for Lennox to promise not to use them against him if they have a disagreement.  Like that promise is going to last long.

And the issue from 12 hours ago resurfaces.  Karen fires Bill to take the hear off the presidency.  Just because they had someone in custody 2 years ago doesn't mean they could have foreseen the future.  If that's the case, all the Americans who commit crimes, who then spend time in jail, are then released after time served, and then they commit another crime to go back to jail... shouldn't something happen to those judges for allowing the criminal to be released after time served?  Anyway, my own soapbox...

So, Bill is fired and he puts Nadia in charge.  I'm sorry, but isn't Milo ranked higher than Nadia?  Why was Nadia chosen?  That makes no sense.  Also, Jack called Bill's cell phone to leave the message about the bomb and that he's been a good friend.  Is this message going to help Jack's case that he really meant to blow everyone up when they don't believe him?

Jack meets with Chan and is set to blow the place up with the component from the nuke until Doyle interferes again.  I swear, why didn't Jack throw him a component that looked like the real thing when Chan wouldn't have known the difference?  Also, where did Jack even get the bomb and the detonator?  Wasn't he in CTU custody right before jacking the car from Doyle?  Do they sell bombs at the local convenience store these days?

And what's up with Audrey.  Apparently she's been desensitized and doesn't really know what's going on.  According to the preview for next week, that's Jack's way of getting back into the investigation.

Morris asked to be reassigned as he's not playing nice-nice in the sandbox with Chloe.  Bill said he would take care of it, but that was just a couple of minutes before he was fired... Is Morris really going to go?

Best Quote for the day because they FINALLY acknowledged the time (since Washington is actually 3 hours ahead thus this episode was actually before 3am-4am for them: Karen says to the Justice guy, "A little early for you?"

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24- Between 12 midnight to 1am
As before, please join our group and you can stay caught up every week! This week was definitely better than last week. Much more action. Let's start with VP Noah making out with his personal assistant person, I can't think of her name. I kinda… more
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