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Do You Make Waves or Go with the Flow?

Do you tend to just go with the flow, or are you one to create some ripples in the smooth water and make some waves?

Me, I make waves.  I left corporate world to become my own boss to not just go with the flow.  I was speaking with someone this afternoon and he was all up in my face about how I needed to calm down, chill, and go with the flow more.


Why should I say things to make other people happy?  Why am I not allowed to say things that make me happy?  I don't have a boss telling me how to behave, though I do get called into my Broker's office every so often and I always think I'm in trouble when it happens, but they usually want my opinions on something.

Why do they want my opinions?  Because I'm honest.  I don't cherry coat.  I don't milk things in my favor.  I don't give a "political" response that's meaningless.

I'm blunt, and I give straight forward, honest answers.

If I wanted to go with the flow, I would return to corporate world and brown some more noses and pucker up.  Too many people blindly follow the person in front of them for no reason because they think they're supposed to.

Did you know that if you're driving and going with the flow, you can still get pulled over and get a ticket even if you tried to not go with the flow?  Why?  Everyone else is driving fast.  But it doesn't matter.  The flow was in the wrong, and it takes more than one "ripple" to get people to change the flow, but since the flow isn't changing, the person causing the ripple gets punished.

If you want a Realtor who will also be honest with you and give actual opinions, and not political responses, I'm the Realtor for you!

Comment balloon 14 commentsDonna Harris • December 30 2008 09:21PM
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