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In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb

We're still in March, but Spring weather has definitely hit already.  Remember the saying, "In like a lion and out like a lamb"?  The year has already started out with the Lions!!

Here are some pictures of Hail. I should have put something down next to them so you could see the reference of size, but these pieces of hail were HUGE!  Some were quarter sized, golf ball sized, baseball size, etc...

I actually took these pictures too early as the yard was covered with even more just a few minutes later, but I didn't go back out and take more pictures.

We had just sat down to dinner when everything let loose.  See, Dallas has mostly composition roofs with very few having ceramic tile. Many businesses have metal roofs, but you won't see that on a residential property.

However, in Austin, though composition roofs are still probably the majority of roofs, ceramic tile and metal roofs make up a big percentage.  I was at my in-laws during this hail storm and they happen to have a metal roof. 

It sounded like we were in a shoot out! Massive gunfire every direction!  As I mentioned we had just sat down to dinner, so my immediate thought was to move my daughter away from the window.  The way it was coming down, I'm surprised it didn't break through the metal roof, but no visable dents afterwards, amazing!

With the first of the Hail storms coming so early, I hope the Lamb stops by early too!  But this usually means we'll have lots of pretty flowers throughout the season!

By the way, in the first picture, just past that first group of trees is where Lake Travis is supposed to be... but it's SEVERAL feet low right now.

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In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb
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