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Do We Take the Conveniences of Life for Granted?

I never thought having things being convenient could be taken for granted until now.

What am I used to?  From my old house, I had 3 different WalMarts and Sams within 4 miles of my house, all in different directions. 

Which way do I want to go today?  To help with that decision, know that I also had 4 Home Depots and 2 Lowes in the different directions within 2-5 miles.

Where else might I want to go?  There were 5 grocery stores within 2 miles, Super Target had 3 locations, all within 4 miles from my house.  Do I want to grab lunch or dinner on the way to or from anyplace?  Well, then I had 2 Pei Weis, 2 Outback Steakhouses, 2 Olive Gardens, 5 McDonald's, 2 Chick-fil-a's, 2 Panda's, etc... all within a mile or two of my house.

There are tons more places, but the examples I gave above are about having multiple locations no matter what direction I wanted to go.

Now, my new house...

I had to drive 4 miles to get Pizza last night. I had to drive 5.5 miles to go grocery shopping at the nearest store.  I got sticker price at that store, so I went to WalMart this morning which was 14 miles away!  Yes, 14 miles!  There is a Target outside my community, but it's not a Super Target with groceries.  The closest Super Target is 25 minutes away!

I need some shelving stuff and I had to google Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store this evening, and both are 35-40 minutes away... their CLOSEST locations!!

About 4 miles away, they are building, what they call The Galleria, but to me, it's just a bunch of Big Box stores and not an actual "mall".  However, they have Old Navy, Marshalls, Michaels, World Market, and a few other stores, but nothing that I usually shop at. 

I guess I'll be changing my "errands" habits.  I usually like to kill a few birds with one stone out the door, but errands are now going to have to be done more planned out as they're all going to be inconvenient.  It took me 2 hours to go to 3 places today.  That is insane!!!

I think I might need a small charter plane to get all my errands done in a timely manner.  Now, that's time management!!

Do you think you take conveniences for granted, or do you live in an area like I described of my new area?

**Are You Packed Yet?**

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