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Rain Rain, YEAH, We Got Some Rain!!!

The entire Austin, TX area needs rain so badly, but I don't think we needed quite as much as what we got last night, and parts of the area tonight.

There were two confirmed tornados that touched down, one in Cedar Park, and one in Round Rock.  I'm about 20-30 minutes from those two areas respectfully, so we were able to avoid all the nastiness.

However, we did get a lot of rain.  Yes, we needed rain, so I was happy about that, but when it rains like this, nothing really gets a chance to soak in as it all just runs off the surface.

Here is a picture of my jet-black street and sky during the storm.... Well, almost black as a little lightning was helping me with some light.

Austin TX Lightning

But, here's a picture of one of the massive lightning strikes just a couple of seconds later.  Major difference, huh?

Austin TX Lightning


Look how amazingly bright the entire street looks!  The light show was quite amazing last night, and I wish I got some better pictures of it, but my camera wasn't cooperating!!

Lake Travis is still 20+ inches low and we're still way below normal rain fall for the year, so there is still a lot to catch up on, but maybe we'll get some like drizzles to make up for it all.

Stay dry.

**Are You Packed Yet?**

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Rain Rain, YEAH, We Got Some Rain!!!
The entire Austin, TX area needs rain so badly, but I don't think we needed quite as much as what we got last night, and parts of the area tonight. There were two confirmed tornados that touched down, one in Cedar Park and one in Round Rock.. more
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