Austin TX Real Estate - Hill Country Austin Lakeway Homes for Sale: "BabyHarris" Wishes herself an 18 month Birthday! Mommy's gone, come read all about me!

"BabyHarris" Wishes herself an 18 month Birthday! Mommy's gone, come read all about me!

Hi everyone!  My mommy took a break, so I thought I would give everyone an update about me.  I turn 18 months old today!!  Happy year and a half birthday to me!!

This was me 18 months ago... I was so little way back then.

Can you believe how fast the time has gone by?!  I've read some of your comments when my mommy blogs about me.  You people are so nice, you make me blush sometimes!

I had my 18 month doctor appointment yesterday. It was with a brand new doctor since we moved to a new city.  The doctor was nice. She gushed over me, but who doesn't!

I got weighed (23.6 lbs), measured (31 inches), and poked with 2 shots (OUCH!).  My weight dropped from the 45th% at my 15 month appt to 30%... we think it's because I never stop moving and I burn more calories than I eat.  However, my head is still at the 50th% (46 1/4 cm").

My doctor said I should know 5-15 words by 18 months, and that I should know around 50 words by 2 years old.  You will never guess how many words I know... come on, guess... and then let me know how close you were in your comments below... my new doctor was amazed... ready? 

I know 68 words!!  I actually know more than that, but my mommy says they don't count if they aren't complete words or if I don't repeat them at least 5 times.  My mommy started writing them down last week when people didn't believe her that I talked so much. They say things like "it's inherited", but I don't know what that means.  My new neighbor is 15 1/2 months old and only says "hi".  It's hard to hold a one-sided conversation, though I do see my mommy talking to herself quite a lot!!

It's been a very busy month.  I'm still waiting for my very busy mommy to paint my room the pretty lavender color that my last room was.  She bought the paint already, but it just sits there.  Maybe I can call a painter. 

I also started a new daycare last week.  I'm not so sure I like it yet.  I cry whenever my mommy drops me off.  My mommy likes that she can log in on her computer at home and watch me, so I'm always having to watch my P's and Q's.  What are P's and Q's?  My old daycare didn't make me do P's and Q's.

Some of my favorite foods right now are PEAS, pasta, and grapes.  My mommy always looks at me like I'm crazy when I ask for more peas.  She thinks they're smooshy and gross, but I like them!  She also gags when I eat fish sticks, but she keeps saying that just because she doesn't like something, that she's not going to prevent me from trying it.

"Oh no, oh no" (one of my favorite phrases), she's coming... she doesn't like me playing on the computer because I'm usually just looking at pictures of myself.  She says I'm "egocentric".  Does that mean I like eggos, because my daddy gives those to me sometimes in the morning and I prefer pancakes?

Gotta go.  My plan is to just swat at the computer like there's a fly on it because she thinks it's funny when I yell "GO AWAY" to the flies!!

"Bu Bye"!  See you at 2 years in November!!

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Comment balloon 13 commentsDonna Harris • May 16 2009 07:53AM


Happy Birthday some point in life,you won't be wanting to mention that half...I sure am at that point now...LOL Happy Birthday!

Posted by BLR Guy (BLRGUY(Beach & Luxury Realty Inc)) about 11 years ago

18 months sounds a lot like 18 years .. oh soon enough .. just wait and watch.

Posted by Eric Reid (Renaissance Realty Group of Keller Williams Atlanta Partners) about 11 years ago

BabyHarris, happy 18 month birthday! You need to get together with my grandson, although he is an older man by one month.

Looking for you on your second birthday!

Posted by Andrea Swiedler, Realtor, Southern Litchfield County CT (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties) about 11 years ago

Cute post and baby, of course!  Need to get with the E-trade baby from the TV commercial!

Posted by Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty, Fifteen Years Experience in Brevard County (Bucci Realty, Inc.) about 11 years ago

Wow! Only 18 months old and writing awesome blogs already.  Great job!

Posted by Irene Tron about 11 years ago

BLR- I know, but I can still get away with it!  I don't want to say that I'm "just 1".

Eric, Thanks for the image.

Andrea, I like older men. We could potty train together!

Gary, Oh I know!  I think I could drive e-trade's traffic up a whole bunch!

Irene, Thank you!  My mommy taught me well.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago

Oh Donna, these are such cutie pie pictures of Alyssa. I especially like the last "swatting" one. Boy they sure do grow fast don't they? It seems like it was just yesterday you were having a baby. Better get those college funds ready soon. Happy one and half year old to her!!

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) about 11 years ago

Well happy 18 month birthday, Alyssa!  I have to say that I think you are much too young to already be slaving away behind a computer :)   Tell your mommy that it's officially play time now.

Posted by Jim & Maria Hart, Charleston, SC Real Estate (Brand Name Real Estate) about 11 years ago

Gary Woltal, Yep, I sure did, and it was never put into perspective before until now!  College fund?  With my vocabulary, I should be getting a full scholarship!!

JiMaria, My mommy likes it when I help.  I have marketing shirts that I'm going to start wearing to school next week!  I'll post pictures.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago

Great and cute post.  I love her pics.  68 words and counting, wow, she is smart.

Posted by Angelia Garcia (Pure Realtors) about 11 years ago

Well Happy 18 month birthday to you little lady. I'm impressed, 68 words and counting, cute and smart.

Posted by Michael Therriault, The name to remember when you want it done right. (Michael Therriault Contracting - M.T. Contracting) about 11 years ago

Angelia, Definitely still counting as there were another 5 more words just yesterday!

Michael, "Little Lady"... ahhh shucks, thanks.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago

Hi Alyssa... Happy 18 Months!  You've been a cutie pie from the beginning and just keep getting more adorable!

Posted by Steve Shatsky about 11 years ago