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What kinda Bike is This? Is it Street-Legal?

I was heading to an appointment yesterday morning, and this interesting vehicle passed me and I had to do a double take.  It then pulled in front of me, and I decided to take a picture so I could ask my husband if this was a street-legal bike.

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I few miles later, I had to change lanes to turn, and I ended up right next to it, and thought to take this picture.  It's a little stretched, but not much.  This thing is long!!

austin tx vehicles

I can't believe it was keeping up with 65 mph speeds!  It looks like it would be a show-bike that would piddle at about 30mph.

Is this bike street-legal?

Comment balloon 18 commentsDonna Harris • August 23 2009 12:27PM


The guy riding the bike looks like the one that has a TV show called American Chopper.

Posted by Charles Perkins (Charles G. Perkins, CPA) over 9 years ago

I don't know if it is street legal, but I enjoyed seeing it. Thank you for sharing

Posted by Betty Hesaltine (Sarah Bice and Associates Real Estate, LLC) over 9 years ago

It's called a 'Trike'.

A friend of mine has owned one.... although not hat tricked up.

Can be very much street legal. Most are, as that would be a lot of money to tie up into something you couldn't enjoy



Posted by Tom Burris, Texas/Louisiana Mortgage Pro - 13 YRS Experience (NMLS# 335055) over 9 years ago

Hey, Donna. Wow, that thing is crazy. Good to know what it is called. Have a great day, Jim

Posted by Jim & Maria Hart, Charleston, SC Real Estate (Brand Name Real Estate) over 9 years ago

Yes, it would be stret legal as long as it has any required lights, horns, o whatever else might be required for a motorcycle.

It is powerd by v-8 car enginge.  Probably Chevrolet.  It would be extremely fast!

Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 9 years ago

Donna-Pretty cool looking thing, Thanks for sharing

Posted by Joseph D. Federico, Eastern Massachusetts Real Estate (Donahue Real Estate Co.) over 9 years ago

Interesting. Front license plate, rear license plate, pass of emissions and I think your good? Dunno. Cool pic!

Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 9 years ago

I've seen these bikes since I was just a young boy, so it doesnt look too odd to me. But, I have not seen the handlebars so LONG before. Typically, the handlebars are much shorter. Although I have never ridden one, I assume they are harder to steer.

Posted by John Cannata, Texas Home Mortgage - Purchase or Refinance (214-728-0449 over 9 years ago

Hi Donna - I have no idea if it is legal or not, but I can identify with your grabbing pix of it on the road.  I have done that too when there is something I want others to see, and sometimes it gets a bit dicey trying to aim and focus while watching the road.  I've had the best luck with my phone because it's always handy and does a pretty good job.  My digital camera takes too long to get ready.  Good grab, Donna!

Posted by Susan Neal, Fair Oaks CA & Sacramento Area Real Estate Broker (RE/MAX Gold, Fair Oaks) over 9 years ago

HAHA I can see Donna chasing down the street with her camera hanging out the window!  LOL  Great pics, thanks for sharing!



Posted by Kathleen Cooper, Sposato Realty Group - Broker Owner (Kathleen Cooper, Sposato Realty Group) over 9 years ago

Donna - I am not really sure, it has a huge engine and I have seen these type of bikes before!


Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Las Vegas Henderson Homes for Sale (Realty ONE Group) over 9 years ago

Hi Donna, That is a very strange looking bike. Never saw one that looked quite like this one though. But it seems that we are seeing more variations of odd looking bikes on the streets these days. And some of them look so uncomfortable to ride! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Sandy Shores FL RealtorĀ®, Melbourne Real Estate, Brevard County Real Estate, Florida's Space Coast (M & M Realty of Brevard Inc.) over 9 years ago

Donna, Hopefully it won't cause any wrecks by people doing a double take.

Posted by Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro (Results Realty) over 9 years ago

Wonder how many miles he can go on a tank of gas. Ummmmmmmmm, if you get good gas mileage we may all have to think about getting a new mode of transportation.

Posted by Carl Winters over 9 years ago

Donna, I go by this motorcycle shop all the time and have seen these three wheelers. I suppose if they have brakes, license plates, and an inspection sticker they are good to go. Hard to imagine they go that fast though. Wow 65 mph!!!

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) over 9 years ago

I live in Alvin, Texas and I see these type of bikes all the time! One crazier then the last one I've seen too!  I like them!

Posted by Sussie Sutton, UTR TEXAS Realtors - Rep for buyers and sellers. (UTR Texas Realtors) over 9 years ago

That's actually not a bike, it's a trike. They can go very much faster than the speed limit, just like a motorcycle can. If you look at the engine, you'll see that it is a V-8, a regular car engine, although I suspect there's not too much "regular" about this trike. We have a lot of them here out in the boondocks.

Posted by Not a real person over 9 years ago

That's amazing that these things are popular across the country.  I've never seen one like this before. And yes, the handlebars were very long!

I didn't get a chance to look hard enough to notice it was a V8 engine because it was going so fast!  We were stopped at a red light for about 2 seconds, and I didn't want to stare.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 9 years ago