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School Traffic is Horrible and Ruins the Entire Morning

Today is the first day back to school for the Austin area, including my district of Lake Travis ISD.  My daughter's daycare is about 5 miles away.  Not very far, right?  It took me 48 minutes to get there and back this morning!


It took me 3 rounds of the light just to get out of my neighborhood.  Then, it's fairly smooth sailing to the daycare because all the hundreds of cars are in the left turn lane to get into the schools. The Lake Travis Middle School, Lake Travis High School, AND the Lake Travis ISD Administration building are all right there on the same corner.

I drop Alyssa off, and get back in the traffic...

However, going South is a different story than going north.  Not only is there all the school traffic, so you would think the left lane would now move smoothly because people would be turning from the right lane into the schools, but you have people trying to get to work and this is their route.

Oh my...  I was completely spoiled by the summer months as we weren't hear long enough before school let out for me to realize how bad it was. 

Here's what irks me... These kids aren't car-pooling!!  All the cars turning into the High school parking lot are one kid at a time!  Why can't they pick up another kid on their way, or have a neighbor walk over so we can get rid of some of that traffic?  I was picked up everyday by a friend when I was in high school, and I took a bus when I was in junior high.

They need to create some rule that kids can only drive to school if there is more than one of them in the vehicle!!

It's now after 9am, and I'm just getting to work.  What a waste of the morning hours! 

Comment balloon 11 commentsDonna Harris • August 24 2009 09:06AM


LOL  I think some states don't allow new drivers to drive other teens or kids in the car with them when they've just received their license.  Probably a distraction and makes it more dangerous, but I see what you're saying about the traffic.  We get to enjoy one more week until school starts out here, but living in the woods, we still don't have that problem!

Good luck!


Posted by Kathleen Cooper, Sposato Realty Group - Broker Owner (Kathleen Cooper, Sposato Realty Group) about 11 years ago

Our schools don't open until after Labor Day but the traffic patterns do change when the school buses hit the road.

Posted by Pat Fenn (Marketing Specialist for CJ Realty Group/Cindy Jones Broker ) about 11 years ago

Get this - I have an elementary school in front of my neighborhood and I have a middle school behind my neighborhood.  I have to look at a freaking clock every time I get in my car when school is in session and know what times they get in and out JUST so I can go "the other way".  It's a PITA but good for values I guess.  Whatever a home value is these days in Las Vegas!

Posted by Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer (Savvy Home Pix) about 11 years ago

Hi Donna

The back to school traffic is in full swing in Florida, and everything moves a lot slower.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) about 11 years ago

We don't go back until after Labor Day, so we are still in that 'sweet summer traffic' period.  I know what you are saying, though. 

As the mother of a high schooler, I know that she will only pick up someone if they are ready on time and will not make her late. The girl behind us is always late and my daughter won't drive her because of it.  It is not ideal that she goes in alone, but what can I do? I would never encourage her to be late. I also know a lot of parents who don't want their kids driving more than one kid. There is also the sports problem; many practices end at different times, so the afternoon becomes the reason that they all drive separately.

Nothing is easy, is it?




Posted by Holly Weatherwax, A Great Real Estate Experience ( Associate Broker, Momentum Realty) about 11 years ago

Sorry to hear your week did not start off strong due to school being back. I actually experienced the opposite. Things went very smoothly today, including getting the kids ready and traffic. Then again, I dont drive into the office at 8 am either, so perhaps I was able to miss all the traffic.

Posted by John Cannata, Texas Home Mortgage - Purchase or Refinance (214-728-0449 about 11 years ago

Donna-I can not wait til my kids are back in school, the traffic will be worth it I hope!

Posted by Joseph D. Federico, Eastern Massachusetts Real Estate (Donahue Real Estate Co.) about 11 years ago

Kathleen, I don't recall that becoming a law in Texas.

Pat, When we start before Labor Day, school doesn't go but about a week after Memorial Day.  win/win

Renee, Did you think about that when you moved there!!  LOL

Lou, A LOT slower!

Holly, I understand your daughter not wanting to be late.  And the time to leave school does make sense. It's just a big pain!  I hope they're charging these kids to park.

John, I left at 8am to avoid the traffic because the middle school, supposedly, doesn't start until like 8:40, and the high school is later than that, so I thought I would beat the traffic... wrong!!

Joseph, Bite your tongue!!

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago

Oh, Donna.

I sure hope your day got better :)

I too didn't learn this lesson in my neighborhood (being that we moved in the summer), so I was so feeling your pain LAST YEAR!

I now do a carpool and we take the kids 15 minutes EARLIER than normal (and beat the crowd!) to school so they can go and read earlier, finish homework, etc.  Whatever they need to do.

However, this only works well if the kids are old enough!

Good luck tomorrow!

Posted by Sheila Moran,, RE/MAX Access, 210-32 (RE/MAX Access (Garden Ridge, San Antonio, New Braunfels)) about 11 years ago

Donna when I moved here it was desert to the east and desert to the west.  The directions to my house used to be "go to the edge of the earth and then hang a left."

It's better than a large gaming operation but still a PITA when I am trying to get in and out of my hood from 7 am to 9 am or 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, nine months a year!

Posted by Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer (Savvy Home Pix) about 11 years ago

Sheila, It was only better because I didn't have to drive in the after school traffic, as my husband went and picked her up!!

Renee, That's a big chunk of the day to plan around.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago