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You Might be Owed a Tax Refund

In 2005, a new law was passed that stated tax offices must not only send out the tax bills to people's mortgage companies who pay taxes through the borrowers' escrow account, but also to each individual home owner as well.  Since the law was something that passed fairly quickly, many tax offices weren't completely prepared for this.

Because of that, Dallas County didn't get a chance to stamp the word "Duplicate" on the tax bills sent to home owners.  Instead, they put a separate piece of paper in with the notice that stated not to pay the bill as their lender would pay it through their escrow account...

Well, we all know how well people actually readMANY people ended up paying their taxes twice as they sent in payments, not even questioning why they received a bill when they never did before. 

Last year, the tax bills went out WITH the stamp on the bill saying it was a duplicate and for the home owners NOT to pay.  Guess how many people still made a payment???  Over 8,000 people made a duplicate payment.

You have three years to reclaim this over payment.  In order to obtain your overpayment, you must contact the county's office and fill out their form.  There are some companies out there who are sending out letters saying they can help get your money back by paying a certain percentage, sometimes 50%.  You do NOT need one of these companies.  Your money is waiting for you and 100% of your money is way better than paying someone else to fill out the forms.

Here is more about the STORY.

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