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Frisco Rejects Extended Drinking Hours

Frisco, TX, a fast growing suburb of Dallas, has been trying to extend their drinking hours for years.  Currently, restaurants and hotels and other type establishments can only serve alcohol until midnight.  The time is extended to 1am on Saturdays.

There are arguments on both sides, but I think the best argument is to keep people local.  If you extend the drinking hours, you're going to have more people in the restaurants and out entertaining which brings in more tax revenue.  As it stands, people from Frisco must go to a neighboring city where they serve until 2am.  During the week, and especially on Friday nights, this could mean a lot of additional profit for the city.

The other side of the argument is real estate related.  People say Frisco is a friendly, family oriented city and extending the hours would hurt the kids.  Huh?  What city doesn't advertise that they're a friendly, family oriented city?  Who wants to move into a city that advertises that their the rowdy drunks with a lot of crime?  Every city thinks they're friendly and family oriented so I believe this is a poor argument.  People think their property values will decrease if the hours are extended.  They actually think people won't move to the area if you can buy alcohol past midnight.  What?  That is one of the silliest things I've ever heard!

I blogged previously about Dallas being #27 among the drunkest cities.  I think Frisco is bringing us down.  Come on, extend those drinking hours!!  (Personally, I'm not much of a drinker. I have a drink less than 2 times a month.  Please don't think I have a drinking problem.  I'm just blogging about current issues in the Dallas area.)

Comment balloon 1 commentDonna Harris • October 18 2006 12:22PM


Interesting. I have some family that lives in Frisco, so I like reading stories about there. I've been there several times.

I do think some drinking laws are silly. In the town I live in (Collierville) they have times where alcohol sales are restricted - say no sales on Sunday. People just drive over to Memphis (where they do sell) in that case. Seems kind of silly to me. In some areas of the country I'm always surprised when you go into the grocery store and you can buy beer, liquor and wine all in the grocery store. I know they do this in Phoenix, Florida and Iowa. In Tennessee beer and liquor sales are separated and a grocery store cannot sell liquor or wine.

Posted by Angie Vandenbergh, A Crye-Leike Blogger (Crye-Leike, Realtors) over 11 years ago