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Falconhead West - Bee Cave Austin TX - FerrellGas and KVUE News

Falconhead West - Bee Cave Austin TX was on KVUE News yesterday.  Last winter, we experienced very low temperatures and the propane tanks supplied by FerrellGas froze up and we were without heat for several days. I had an infant, only a few weeks old, and our house was 53 degrees. It wasn't until day 2 where Ferrell Gas offered to put up homeowners at a local hotel, but I wasn't going to pack up a 3 year old as well as an infant to live in a hotel. Way too much stuff to worry about, so we toughed it out at home.

FerrellGas brought by firewood to use in our "gas" fireplaces and they did what they could to help restore the heat as quickly as they could. I made a comment on Twitter, and Ferrell Gas saw it and responded very quickly. It was in their best interest to make this situation better. With that back story, I can emphatically state that I do not want to go through that again.

In order to not go through that situation again, FerrellGas has been working on a new, larger, permanent propane tank to go in our community, Falconhead West. They have decided to put the tank in the middle of the community, which would put it behind the new community park. Many home owners are upset about this.  The location doesn't impact my personal property value because I'm about 1/4 mile from the park. There are other properties that would have a direct view of the tank, and they feel their values will be impacted and don't like it being so close to the park.

Here is the story from KVUE News.

A couple of things. First, the park was an after thought. Falconhead West was not supposed to have a community park, but several home owners kept asking for one, and viola, we got a new park last year. My daughter loves the park!  Before the park, there were trees.  There were enough trees to where you could barely notice the retaining water pond that is behind the park.  If the park was not built, there would have still been trees, and the FerrellGas tank would not be (as) visible.  This is the original location Ferrell had planned for the tanks while the community was still in its planning stage, according to their records.

Second, I might have a slightly different opinion if I was directly affected, but I rather a small eyesore than go cold in the winter again.  I'm telling you, the house was so cold that I could barely type. My baby's nose was like ice. I tried as hard as possible to keep him swaddled, but he liked his arms free, so his hands were freezing... My three year old was wearing two sweatshirts and two pairs of pants to bed, as well as a hat on her head and mittens on her hands.  I don't want that again!  If this new tank can ensure my house will not get to 53 degrees again, I'm for it.

That said, I think Ferrell can do something about hiding it. Why can't it be put under ground? Too much expense? You're charging us way too much for propane as it is since it's unregulated by the state, and you're profits are huge, so I think you can afford the added expense.  Why can't you move it to the front of the community off 71 where there are still trees and it will be hidden better?

There is a City Coucil meeting this evening at 6pm at the City of Bee Cave for home owners to voice their opinion. I'm sending my husband as he has many opinions about FerrellGas.

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Comment balloon 5 commentsDonna Harris • July 12 2011 11:01AM


"Why can't it be put under ground?"From the looks of the picture, it appears that the above ground tank is a gravity flow tank. Do they have pumps for when they are buried underground? Not versed in that.

"Why can't you move it to the front of the community off 71 where there are still trees and it will be hidden better?"  Will there be existing easements through and on all private properties for the underground piping of the gas? And do they already own land there or do they have to buy it?

"Could it be hidden better?" Would it not be cheaper if landscaping berms were constructed with added foliage and trees.... Berms are like little hills that are covered with grass and you can add blooming bushes and trees which grow only like 20 to 30 feet high. There is one in Alvin I will see if I can go by there and post about berms.

"In any case" who in the heck went in there and tore all the trees down for a park? Isn't that what makes a park for the most part? I hate it when trees are cut down!

Posted by Sussie Sutton, UTR TEXAS Realtors - Rep for buyers and sellers. (UTR Texas Realtors) over 7 years ago

Hey Sussie, Many tanks are burried in the area so it is a fairly common thing. The land near 71 I mentioned is land that is still part of the neighborhood. It's where they had the temporary tanks when the community first started. It's about a football field length to 71 from that location so it would work great.

As for tearing out the trees for the park, they only took out the ones where the pavilion and the actual park equipment was placed. The rest of the trees are still there. My daughter loves climbing the trees.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 7 years ago

Donna, why cant they bury the tanks? We have a beautiful area in Rapid thats very historic. Unfortunately, there are exposed power lines going to most of the houses. There have been plans to bury them, but they never happened. If only they'd thought of it when the lines first went in!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Posted by Nunya Bizness (Affiliated Mortgage) over 7 years ago

Christopher, They claim that they would have to start over with the approval process if things were changed now... but, duh, isn't it best to start over now than years from now?

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 7 years ago

Well, apparently you have opinions about them, too! ;)


Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 7 years ago