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Alyssa Playing Hookie- Is it OK at 12 weeks?

Alyssa started daycare last week.  It wasn't a full week because we played hookie on Friday.  I then took her again on Monday.  Monday night, she was coughing at 2am.  I was livid!  5 days at daycare and already sit?!

She had no fever, and was happy as ever, so I took her back yesterday.  I walked in and asked which kid had been coughing on mine.  They felt really bad, but apparently, they were all sniffly so no big deal to leave.  She sounded worse last night, but she slept through the night, 9 hours!  

Got up this morning, still happy as ever, boy does she smile a lot now.  I stuck her in her bouncey seat in the smallest bathroom we have with all the doors closed while I showered.  I was hoping for the steam to knock all the "crud" loose.  That worked!!  I suctioned it all out, and she was even happier!

She then played for about an hour, and decided she wanted to take a nap at about 8:30.  At this time, I'm thinking, if she falls asleep, we're playing hookie today, and I'm not taking her in.  Grandma wants a Grandma say tomorrow, so is it OK for a 12 week old to play hookie from school 2 days in a row?  I feel a little guilty...

It's still early, and she can easily go to school when she wakes up from this nap, probably at about 9:30 since her naps are only an hour long.... but I'm thinking 2 days home will help her get better sooner.  Or, will she get better at the same pace since everyone who is already sick will also be getting better each day?  Such a hard decision.


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Donna...she's just precious!! It's so hard to leave them  isn't it? I just posted on my personal blog about how Gavin was in the hospital with RSV 2 weeks ago. It all started with a nasty cough/cold, so watch her close b/c RSV is contagious. So I say - let her stay home! Grandma's love time with their little ones!
Posted by Kim Dean, d + b real estate, McKinney, TX REALTOR Broker/Own ( about 11 years ago

Donna - Nice looking child, and still so very young. Have a grandson that's 15 months. He came to visit not long ago. Had an ear flame up, which we could handle, but my son and his wife being new at this had a decent case of being overly alarmed. That's a hard one to talk a new parent out of. Just gotta let it take its course. The child of course was just fine.

In addition to the great photo, also want to thank you for your input on the featured discussion we did earlier today. In answer to your question, we think members only always remains members only. You are right on. And this, and that are most appreciated.


Posted by Gary Bolen, CRS - Lake Tahoe Real Estate Information (McCall Realty) about 11 years ago

Kim, I read your blog... sorry to hear what you went through.  We do have a 31 bday connection as we were both doing something for our babies on that day.  Me, that was the day I got the full ultrasound and found out she was a girl!

Gary, I've always been a self-diagnoser so I'm not too alarmed with these things.  I'm aware that nothing can be given to her at this age, just "watch and see", so why pay a doctor to tell me the same thing.  She has no fever, no diarrhea, and is not sluggish (she stayed up for 4 hours in a row yesterday which is her longest period).  She's just happy, but has a cough and icky nose.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - about 11 years ago

Just consider it her immune system getting the necessary workout to grow up big and strong. 

Not that that makes it a lot easier to see her feeling under the weather, but it does help just a little! 

Posted by Tricia Jumonville, Texas REALTOR , Agent With Horse Sense (Bradfield Properties) about 11 years ago