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Dallas Real Estate -How Do You de-Personalize Your Home?

Look around your house. Now, take another look and count how many times your eyes move to all the photos of your family sitting on the shelves and hanging on the walls. Did you notice your college degree? I've had buyers not buy houses because they were Longhorns and they saw the Aggie diplomas on the walls, and vice verse. Sounds silly, but it's very true!

You want buyers to be as comfortable in your home as possible. Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs so remove some of the non denominational things that might cause discomfort. Please, don't be offended by this suggestion. You're selling a "house" not a "home." I once tried to show a house that had a shrine-type atmosphere around the fireplace. My buyers and I were very uncomfortable and they didn't even want to finish walking the house, and we left.

Another thing that has made many buyers walk out of houses before were dead animal heads on the walls. Yes, you're a hunter, and that's great... to you. The buyers aren't too fond of seeing eyes watching them walk around and horns up on the walls. Let's take the trophies down and show more wall space.

Again, these are just suggestions. You want people to look at your house, condition and floorplan. You don't want them focusing on your family pictures and your hobbies.

Comment balloon 0 commentsDonna Harris • July 10 2006 01:53PM