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Can Numerology Prevent a Buyer from Buying?

Today is a very special day.  It is the day of August 8, 2008.  It is narrowed down to 08/08/08.  8 is known to be a very lucky number.  It just so happens that it is not a coincidence that the Olympics are starting today in Beijing as this is a very strong Chinese belief.

This got me to thinking about numbers and their meaning.  I pay attention to numbers to an extent, but I don't have all the numbers memorized.

For example, my current home address is 3013.  Oh no, it ends in the unlucky 13, what am I to do?  Well, if you add the numbers up, you get the number 7.  And 7, for me, is a very good number, very lucky number as I was born in July.

In Chinese numerology, the number 6 is unlucky, 4 is death, and 14 is certain death. Wanna know the house address of the new house I just contracted to purchase on Sunday??  It's a bad one!

4604.  Death, unlucky, and death again.  Then, if you add up all the numbers, you get 14, certain death.  However, our lot number is 107, and that equals 8 so I wonder if the 8 negates all the bad stuff??  Plus, it ends in my lucky number 7.  I sure hope so.


I wonder if a buyer ever needed a reason to back out of a contract, they could use numerology as a reason.  What's even more ironic is that I currently have a contract on a build job with some buyers whose address will be 4644 and they are very superstitious with the numbers.  They were very unhappy with the address.  And their lot number was 103 which equals a 4.  Thus far, we're 6 weeks into the building process, and bad thing after bad thing keeps going wrong, and I'm wondering what the rest of the 4 1/2 months are going to be like.

I wish builders would give the house addresses instead of lot numbers when buyers are trying to pick out a lot.

Do you have superstitions?  Have you had clients not buy a house just because of the house number?

Comment balloon 24 commentsDonna Harris • August 08 2008 08:24PM


This sounds like a job for your Long Island & New York Feng Shui Consultant, Carole Provenzale! I think numbers are almost as vitally important as words. Both words and numbers are symbols that have the force of meaning; the meaning may vary from one person who sees them to the next but there is meaning nonetheless.

Posted by Rich Dansereau (Positive Real Estate Professionals) over 12 years ago

No, I've never had a Buyer tell me that reason, anyway--

I did work with a group of investors who would ask me at every front door if anyone had ever died in the house!

They also insisted that if the front door was red, it would have to be scraped and repainted a different color before closing.

When I worked at a Garden Center in Yelm, WA, (near a spiritual center run by a woman who channels a 10,000 year deceased warrior from Atlantis) there were customers who would come in and look for the plant's "aura" to make a selection.  Others would hold a crystal on a chain over flowers and shrubs to select the ones with the right "vibrations."

??  ?? Any one else?


Posted by Linda Carroll (EXIT Northwest Realty) over 12 years ago

 Hello Donna,

 I believe the answer to your question is yes, numerology can effect the sale of a home. I am waiting for something Lucky to happen to me today!

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz over 12 years ago

Donna- I listed my own house for sale today- 08/08/08- I do not have any superstitions but- When I heard about eight being a lucky number I thought in this market I thought- hey I can use all the luck I can get.

Posted by Barbara Carter, Serving Your Real Estate Needs in the Hudson Valle (C21 Alliance Realty Group) over 12 years ago

Nothing I would consider "lucky" happened to me today.  Many people on AR have blogged about the 08-08-08 thing today...  I don't really have superstitions or believe in numerology, astrology, etc. but a lot of people do believe in it.  I have heard that 7 is supposed to be the "perfect" number.

Posted by Shirley Parks, Broker, 210-414-0966, San Antonio TX Real Estate (Sands Realty 210-414-0966) over 12 years ago

Rich, I agree that numbers mean different things to different people.

Linda, I don't have much of a green thumb as the plants with bad auras always pull me close.

Robert, The day is not over yet...

Barbara, I hope it sells fast!  Where ya moving to?

Shirley, I know 11 to be the perfect number and 7 second best. My bday happens to be 7-11.  I tried so hard to get Alyssa to be born on 11-7 and then I was in the hospital on 11-11, but they stopped my contractions.  She was still born on a lucky day of 11-16 just because she was born, and 16 equals 7!!

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 12 years ago

I had a buyer that couldn't close a house on the 13th of the month. It caused quite a havoc too!!! Me? I don't really pay attention. :-) It's interesting to read though.

Posted by Lindsey Hasford, Bringing you home... (Edina Realty) over 12 years ago

I have clients who wouldnt purchase a house with a number 4 on it. No kidding. Her dad asked if we could change the number since his daughter loves the house so much......


Posted by Loreena and Michael Yeo, Real Estate Agents (3:16 team REALTY ~ Locally-owned Prosper TX Real Estate Co.) over 12 years ago


 it would be said that I'm in my "3" year. 

080808 8 2008 8 3013 13 7 7 6 4 14  4604 14 107 8 8 7 4644 103 4 6 4.5 = 204 (excluding .5)

972-407-3908 = 49

204+49 = 253. 2+5+3 = 10 & 1+0 = 1.

Today & right now your number is one. In Numerology 1 means ruled by the sun and representing courage, physical vitality, ego, willpower and enthusiasm.

Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 12 years ago


my b-day is 10-10-1973.

The biggest argument is weather or not my lucky number is 10 or 1

drives me insane.

Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 12 years ago

Many people feel different numbers either help them or hurt them in different ways.

Posted by Bob & Carolin Benjamin, East Phoenix Arizona Homes (Benjamin Realty LLC) over 12 years ago

I believe that we create our own luck.  With all the wonderful things that have happend in your life this past year, it would seem that you have been working overtime at creating a lot of it for yourself!

Posted by Steve Shatsky over 12 years ago

Lindsey, I had a buyer would couldn't buy the house of their dreams because the number ended in 13, but we did find another house.  And when I set the closing date, they through a fit because it was the 12th.  Then we couldn't close because it was a Wednesday.  Doing business on Wednesdays is bad... we had to move the closing up to that Tuesday. Crazy!

Loreena, I guess that eliminates all the 4000 block numbers of some streets.

Greg, I see where you get some of the numbers in your line of numbers, but I don't understand all of them...

Bob, Yes, we're crazy that way.

Steve, I try... and sometimes I try too hard.  I need a nap!

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 12 years ago

Donna, I have had buyers in the past mention the numerology of the house numbers.  I've dealt with sellers who were unwilling to sign an offer on a particular date because of the astrology.  I've heard of stories of homeowners who've petitioned the town to change an address because of bad numbers in the street address. 

Posted by Brian Block, Northern Virginia & D.C. Real Estate (RE/MAX Allegiance, Managing Broker/Branch Vice President) over 12 years ago

all the numers u used

Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 12 years ago

It's true! I had a client who wouldn't even look at a home with the address of 444...

Posted by Debbie Summers (Charles Rutenberg Realty ) over 12 years ago

What a fun thread!

I have a friend who is Chinese and Taiwanese, was raised in Japan, and has travelled in many Asian countries because of her father's work(he was a bonsai and penjin master.)

She told me that especially some Asian cultures don't like the number "four" because it sound close to the work for "death."  I think it was Korean, but I'm not sure if I remember exactly.

I must admit that I have my personal favorites in numbers--multiples of 3 and or 7.  I especially like 36 and 27.

Luck is where you make it!

Posted by Linda Carroll (EXIT Northwest Realty) over 12 years ago

Brian, How could street addresses be changed if one side is even and one side is odd and they're going by 2's?  I could see it working if they went by 4's, but most neighborhoods in my area go by 2's.

Greg, Ok, you included every number I mentioned even my clients' numbers.  That's where I got confused.

Debbie, They would win in Vegas with three of a kind!

Linda, Yes, they talked about it with the start of the Olympics that the number 4 means death and is bad because it is pronouced like their word for death.  I like odd numbers like 7, 11, 17, & 23.  I used to only like even numbers, but now I don't care for even numbers...  Not sure why.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 12 years ago

Donna, I never had anyone that superstitious but they have questioned it before. Hey, I think I'm going to make a Lotto Run! Woo Hoo!

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) over 12 years ago

Donna - No, I'm not superstitious.  I think you could drive yourself crazy with all the things a person could be superstitious about.  If it's not unlucky for one group of people, it's probably unlucky for another gorup of people...  Yikes!  :)

Posted by Debi Ernst, GRI, e-PRO, Broker/Sales Associate (St. Charles County, Missouri - Prudential Alliance Realtors) over 12 years ago

Deb, How was that lotto run?  WIn anything?

Debi, Yes, I agree that there are many things that are quite opposite for many people.

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - over 12 years ago

Donna, I bombed. On the Lotto run that time time! My address is 71. Good huh? And our office is 71A...anything to be concerned about? Thanks for the advice,

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) over 12 years ago


When working with clients from different cultures, it is important to learn what is important to them. To some clients, numerology will either make or break the deal.  Other clients have superstitions or cultural biases which will prevent them from purchasing certain properties.  I learned a lot about  feng shui from an Asian client.  I didnt know much about it, so I researched and asked lots of questions.  Once we had an understanding, I knew that there were certain houses that the client was never going to entertain.  I of course presented them all...but made them aware why these houses did not fit their criteria.  It's a learning experience

Have a great day


Posted by Leander McClain, Cecil & Harford County Realtor over 12 years ago

I've had deals fly and die over house numbers.

I once had a property that sold in 3 mins because the numbers were supposedly "lucky"...I know it was for me. lol

I had a client that wouldn't look at a house because the numbers were 666.



Posted by Liz Gimelson, Bucks County Realtor-PA & NJ Notary (Realty Mark Associates) over 12 years ago